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How Do I Know if I Have a Restraining Order Against Me?

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Typically, a judge will request that you appear in court if a protective or restraining order has been issued against you. But sometimes a court fails to serve you and you are unaware of a restraining order against you. Even if you weren’t formally notified that you have a restraining order against you, you might have a feeling that your partner, spouse, or other person will seek an order from the court. If so, avoid anyone ...

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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near You

Criminal Defense
Crmininal Defense Attorney Near Me

When you find yourself in an unfortunate situation and you are facing criminal charges, hefty fines and significant jail time, you need a criminal defense lawyer committed to taking the steps necessary to protect your rights. Many people are accused of criminal activity, and whether they face complex drug trafficking charges, or white-collar offenses such as mail fraud, or money laundering, all have a constitutional right to legal representation and “due process.” The right lawyer makes ...

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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do

A criminal defense lawyer protects you and ensures that your rights were not violated either before or after you have been arrested for any crime in Connecticut.  A criminal defense lawyer will evaluate the charges against you, the evidence the prosecutor claims to have to support the charges and the potential penalties you face if you are found guilty of the charges.  The lawyer will devise the best strategy to defend you from the charges and, ...

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What Is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal Defense
What Is a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Someone Who Finds a Solution for Every Problem When life doesn’t go as planned and the immediate reality of the situation in no way matches the vision you imagined for yourself, take a breath and remember nothing is perfect. If you’ve been arrested and find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance keep in mind a criminal defense attorney has built a career around the premise of finding solutions. It is what they are trained to do. A ...

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What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Criminal Defense
Determined Criminal Defense Lawyer

Above All Else, Look For Tenacity Not much else will strike as much fear in the heart of a person like the possibility of being convicted of a crime and the thoughts of facing prison time. If for whatever reason, you suspect you might need legal counsel—you probably do. Being suspected of or charged with a crime is a life-changing experience.   You have nothing to gain by making the wrong choice in selecting a lawyer. ...

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