Articles of Interest for Criminal Defense Attorneys and Their Clients, College Students and Their Parents, Athletes, and Title IX Advocates

Can a College or High School Cut or Reduce Funding for its Women’s Sports Teams under Title IX?

Title IX : Athletics
Title IX Athletics Attorneys CT

Prior to the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, only about 30,000 women participated in collegiate athletics, and women only received two percent of the athletic funds of colleges and universities. Today, nearly 200,000 women play college sports and during the 2009-2010 academic year, women’s teams received 40 percent of athletic funds. While this is a huge improvement, bear in mind that women received less than half of athletic budgets even though ...

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Pleading Nolo Contendere to Protect Yourself in Civil Proceedings

Criminal Defense
CT Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the beginning of every criminal case, you will need to tell the court how you “plead.” You should never plead guilty to an offense without first discussing your options with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You can change your plea from “not guilty” to “guilty” at a later date, often after your attorney reaches a favorable plea deal with a prosecutor. If you choose not to plead guilty, you can take your case to trial ...

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Defending Students Who Make Threats of Harm

College Code Violations
College Code Violations Attorneys CT

Tensions are high on school campuses across the United States when it comes to threats of violence on school grounds. It seems no one is safe these days, whether in an elementary school, a high school, or a university. However, more threats are made on college campuses than you may be aware of, as such threats don’t always make headlines. Instead, a college may handle cases involving violent threats quietly and internally. This does not mean ...

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Did a Professor Sexually Assault You Years Ago?

Title IX : Sexual Assault/Misconduct
Title IX Sexual Assault Attorneys

In the wake of a sexual assault, many victims stay quiet and do not report the assault. This is especially true if an assailant was a person in an authority position, such as a professor or coach at a college or university. Victims may fear retaliation in the form of failing grades, poor recommendations, or other adverse actions by professors, so they decide not to say anything about what happened. Even if students reported a sexual ...

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Can the Police Pull Me Over for No Reason?

Criminal Defense
Traffic Stop Defense Attorneys CT

Many criminal cases begin with routine traffic stops. In many of those stops the police discover evidence of criminal activity. It is important to remember that the police cannot simply stop you whenever they feel like it. If an officer stops your vehicle without a legally valid reason, a lawyer can bring a motion to suppress to keep the evidence out of court. For this reason, anyone facing criminal charges after a traffic stop should talk ...

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