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Off-Campus Visitors on College Campuses During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities that have reopened for in-person education have put policies in place to limit or restrict visitors. Universities that have reopened for limited in-person work and education have also enacted policies that are designed to restrict visitors on campus. These policies, at various colleges and universities that have...

If Another Students Reports Me For COVID-19 Violations, What Are My Options?

Colleges and universities across the country have created specific policies concerning COVID-19, which often require face coverings and social distancing, and include restrictions on social gatherings and off-campus visitors. In many cases, institutions have clarified that student violations of COVID-19 safety policies may result in sanctions according to the college or university code of conduct,...

College Policies & Greek Life During COVID-19

Greek life on college campuses will be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, college and university policies concerning COVID-19 safety measures are likely to be implemented, and the implementation of those policies will affect the ways in which Greek systems operate. For many fraternities and sororities (and the students within them), the ability for...
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