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THE TEAM: Felice Duffy, Christine Brown & Paul Thomas


With one of us having served as a federal prosecutor, one of us as a federal defender, and the other as a former Title IX Coordinator, we bring to every client’s case a 360-degree, highly-disciplined process of analysis, strategy development, and tactical execution.

Our collective experience includes having handled many hundreds of Title IX matters and criminal matters, as well as thousands of college/university and federal court proceedings, ranging from evidentiary hearings to investigations to full-blown trials at all levels of complexity — all of which gives us a deep understanding of how school administrators and campus law enforcement approach their policies and procedures.


Felice joined forces with Paul after serving on opposite sides of multiple cases over the course of a decade. We recognized in each other many of the same values, ranging from an intense work ethic to an unquenchable passion for fairness and justice. We then brought Christine on board to add the perspective and experience of someone who lived the world of Title IX from an insider’s point of view. All of us take with the utmost seriousness the position that every single person is entitled to counsel that diligently forces the school to protect the rights of its students and employees at every single step of the process. We believe that our society requires schools to be held accountable for their actions, especially when an individual’s future is at stake.


We approach each case we take, whether the charge is a Title IX sexual misconduct violation, a racial bias conduct code violation, or other serious charge, with the assumption that we may be going all the way to final ruling to defend our clients. We review and develop evidence from that perspective to inform every decision along the way.  In keeping with our approach to rigorous preparation, we use only the most highly respected and experienced investigators and experts to protect our clients’ rights and safety.

We know firsthand how college and university Title IX offices and disciplinary boards typically handle their cases, including the tactics used by some to pressure students and employees (whether formally charged or still under investigation).  We’re experienced at navigating the often-complex politics of the academic environment.  We know when the nuances of a case call for moving quickly or being patient.  And we also understand how important it is to know and apply the subtle technicalities of each relevant rule or policy in a specific school’s written handbook to guide the actions we take as the case unfolds.


We know how difficult it is to be under investigation or facing charges — or to bring a claim of wrong-doing and not be treated fairly and respectfully by school officials — and we communicate with our clients at every step of the process.  We help them fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and we explain both the direct and collateral consequences (both short-term and long-term) of each decision and action we take as a team, together, in order to minimize their uncertainty and stress, and to choose options that are in their best interest.

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How Can We Help?