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Title IX Consulting

Experienced Attorneys Advising Students, Faculty, and Schools on Title IX Matters

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is one of the most misunderstood federal laws. However, if you are a student or employee of a federally funded school, you need to fully understand your rights and obligations under Title IX. Title IX applies to public K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities. Because most higher educational institutions accept federal financial aid and other funding, the large majority of colleges and universities—both public and private—are subject to the rules and obligations of Title IX.

Many different legal conflicts and complaints can arise under Title IX, putting a lot at stake. If you find yourself involved in a Title IX matter, you need advice and guidance from an attorney with a thorough understanding of Title IX law. At Duffy Law, our highly experienced attorneys regularly consult with clients regarding a range of Title IX issues, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation today.

Assisting Students and Employees

Both students and employees of schools have strict protections against sex and gender discrimination under Title IX. Such discrimination can occur in many ways, including:

  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • Disparate disciplinary policies based on gender
  • Inequitable treatment or funding of athletic programs and opportunities
  • Unequal opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) or career technical education (CTE)
  • Employment discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination

Furthermore, students and employees have protections against retaliatory treatment when they voice a complaint about a possible Title IX violation. Unfortunately, many parties ignore the law and engage in discriminatory and harmful conduct against students and employees who complain about mistreatment. If you think a college or university violated your Title IX rights, turn to Duffy Law. We regularly listen to the stories of possible victims and help answer important questions.

Did unlawful harassment or discrimination happen to you? Sometimes, it may feel like you were the victim of unlawful sex discrimination, but many people fail to speak up because they simply aren’t certain. Instead of ignoring the matter or living with possible violations of your rights, consult with a knowledgeable Title IX attorney who can evaluate what happened. We regularly advise both students and employees as to whether conduct constituted a Title IX violation or not, and whether the issue involves employment discrimination, sexual assault, retaliation, or any other misconduct under the law.

What are your options? Even if you’re certain a party violated your rights, you may not know where to begin to take action to seek the legal relief you deserve. Forms of relief will vary in different situations involving Title IX depending on the circumstances of the situation and type of violation. Some options may include:

  • Reporting sexual misconduct to obtain necessary protections and seek disciplinary measures against the offender, including expulsion for students or termination for employees
  • Seeking equal funding, equipment, or access to facilities for a women’s athletic team or another school program
  • Seeking back pay or reinstatement after an act of sex-based employment discrimination or retaliation

If a school fails to respond to an initial Title IX complaint or parties engage in retaliatory conduct, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the school for a violation of your Title IX rights.

What are your rights if someone accused you of misconduct? The highly knowledgeable Title IX lawyers at Duffy Law have extensive experience defending students facing accusations of sexual misconduct. If you’re in this position, you have important legal rights under the law. First and foremost, you have the constitutional right to due process before a school can make a finding of misconduct and take disciplinary action against you.

Many schools have investigative and disciplinary processes that fail to uphold an accused student’s due process rights. Duffy Law can examine the matter and advise you as to whether or not the school has violated your constitutional rights. Do not simply accept a finding of guilt or harsh disciplinary measures such as expulsion. Protect your rights by consulting our highly knowledgeable Title IX lawyers today.

Advising Schools About Title IX Matters

Let’s be honest—when it comes to Title IX compliance, the last few years have confused the nation’s schools. The Obama administration issued guidance that imposed a heavy burden on schools, and schools rushed to comply or faced nationally publicized investigations and potentially costly sanctions. The Trump administration aims to relax the standards that schools must meet when it comes to Title IX cases, but it is still entirely possible to face accusations of violations.

Regardless of the changing political tides, schools have many obligations under Title IX. Such obligations include:

  • Having clear written policies against sex discrimination, including harassment and assault, that detail the reporting, investigation, and disciplinary processes
  • Hiring and properly training a Title IX coordinator who investigates allegations of assault and discrimination, and who assists alleged victims
  • Ensuring that someone complaining about sexual misconduct receives reasonable accommodations for protections from contact with the accused party, including counseling or housing and schedule changes
  • Providing equal opportunities, access, and funding for athletics and other school-sponsored activities for both genders

Consult with Duffy Law about Title IX compliance, please contact our office to learn how we may help you.

Consult an Experienced Title IX Attorney as Soon as Possible

Are you a school with questions about Title IX compliance? Are you a student accused of sexual misconduct on a college campus? Were you the victim of sex discrimination in sports, education, or employment at a school? Were you the victim of sexual misconduct? Do you believe that your school mishandled your Title IX complaint?

In any of the above situation, the highly knowledgeable Title IX lawyers at Duffy Law can help. Our background and extensive experience provides a unique understanding of Title IX claims and allows us to serve as a dedicated advocate for Title IX rights. Call (203) 946-2000 or contact us online for a Title IX consultation today.

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How Can We Help?