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College Alcohol Violations Defense Attorneys

Helping college students accused of conduct code violations related to the possession or distribution of alcohol

It is a well-known fact that the consumption of alcohol is a significant aspect of the social culture on many college campuses throughout the country. In many instances, the presence of alcohol is simply unavoidable in many settings in college, putting both underage students and those who are over 21 risk of being the subject of disciplinary or criminal action related to the possession or distribution of alcohol.

Generally speaking, college and university codes of student conduct have regulations that apply to the possession and consumption of alcohol on campus as well as off-campus student conduct. These rules may prohibit students from possessing alcohol in dorms, drinking on campus, providing alcohol to underage students, and may also have regulations that create a separate code of conduct violation for criminal offenses related to alcohol. When these rules are broken, schools may impose sanctions on the students who violate them – often sanctions that are far harsher than students typically think would be the case. (“Hey it was a few beers. I can’t be in that much trouble.”) Fortunately, in many instances, the counsel of an experienced attorney can help reduce the consequences that you may face if you are accused of an alcohol violation.

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An alcohol violation could have serious consequences

If you are deemed to be in violation of your school’s code of conduct with respect to alcohol regulations, you may be subject to various sanctions depending on the severity of your offense. Some of the sanctions that are commonly imposed by educational institutions if you are accused of violating alcohol regulations include the following:

  • Formal reprimand
  • Required participation in an alcohol education course
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Loss of housing
  • Loss of financial aid
  • Scholarship loss
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

In addition to the sanctions imposed by the school, you may also suffer serious professional consequences if you are found to have been in violation of your school’s student code of conduct. Offenses related to alcohol are often taken very seriously by graduate program admissions officials and potential employers, so the existence of a disciplinary violation on a transcript can affect your ability to pursue a graduate degree or obtain employment.

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If you have been accused of violating your school’s code of conduct with respect to alcohol, you should retain legal counsel as soon as possible. In many instances, the help of an attorney can protect your rights and ensure that any long-term consequences you may be facing are mitigated. The highly knowledgeable Conduct Code attorneys at Duffy Law have extensive experience and are dedicated to defending the rights of college students accused of conduct code violations or related criminal charges.  To schedule a consultation with a college alcohol violations lawyers, call Duffy Law, LLC today at 203-946-2000.

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How Can We Help?