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Criminal Defense Testimonials

Attorney Smith guided me through a process that was brand new to me. I did something my gut told me to do but I wound up getting arrested for it. I’d never been arrested previously or been in trouble with the law in any way. Justin was recommended to me by a trusted friend and I now know why. Attorney Smith got and organized all the info I needed to move forward with the case. He made everything extremely clear and was super-effective with the prosecutor and all the people we had to deal with.

My charges were dramatically reduced and I’m very grateful to him for the outcome. Additionally – and this was important to me – I appreciated Justin’s integrity. There was no run-around, no nonsense. He kept every commitment he made about what would happen and when. I also enjoyed his sense of humor and his personality and I actually looked forward to meeting him every time I was with him in court. I’d recommend Justin to everyone or anyone who needs a knowledgeable, smart, and thoughtful attorney.

-Peter J.    Willimantic, Connecticut

I hired Paul Thomas to join a complicated civil rights case that had been going on for a while. He helped the whole team tremendously. Among other things, he helped me be seen by the jury in a favorable light without situations from my youthful past being brought up and used by the defense to weaken our core claim of racial discrimination.

Paul is a very genuine, articulate, and wise human being. He was truly concerned about me. He went out of his way to help me when he didn’t really to have to. He was a shoulder to lean on even outside of court.

He fought to the fullest at every step and his closing statement was incredibly powerful. I am sure it was a big part of why we won our case. I even kept the statement and read it every now and then. I am proud to have had someone like Paul in my corner.

The case impacted my life in a major way. It brought to light the racial discrimination that still exists in the business world. And personally, I learned to walk with my head taller. I can say that I’m a more dignified man since the jury agreed that what I said happened really did happen. It gave me faith in our justice system. And my mom loves Paul and always asks for him because of what he did for me and my whole family.

-Andre L.    Stratford, Connecticut

Dear Attorney Smith,

“Thank you one more time for all your help, for all the efforts and the dedication you showed on my husband’s case.  Your advice was always on point and the strategy you used cut his recommended prison sentence almost in half.  We did not even think that was possible!  You also treated us with so much respect and dignity.  We know about other lawyers who just take cases and finish them as fast possible without really caring about their clients and their families.  Not only did you help my husband, but you helped me as well because I would’ve been lost if his sentence was more than what it is.  I will never get tired of thanking you and may God bless you.”

-Maria L.  New Haven, Connecticut

Attorney Duffy — I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your counsel during a very stressful time for us.  Everyone we spoke with in your office was so helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable and professional. The rapid positive outcome with the U.S. Attorney’s Office achieved in such a quick period of time was so appreciated due to my husband’s current illness.  In fact, today, the day after his chemo treatment, he is feeling very ill, but we are grateful that the legal burden has been lifted.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope we never need your counsel in the future (LOL) but if we should, you’ll be the first call we make.  I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone I know if the need should arise.  I’m so glad I discovered your firm and when I read your profile I knew you were the right choice for us. Thank you again from two relieved clients.

-Nancy Anne S.    Waterbury, Connecticut

Attorney Justin Smith a very helpful lawyer. I’ve known for Justin for a long time. My husband and I have used Justin 6 times and he never lost a case. Every time I need advice or representation, he’s been there for us. If he can’t answer my question or situation he finds someone who can. My husband and I consider him as our personal lawyer. When I first met Justin it was a very stressful time – and he helped my husband get released. He’s always there for us. He is the best!

-Shannon R.  Bridgeport, Connecticut

Justin Smith is an amazing lawyer. He got the job done to a T. He doesn’t mess around. He got my 14 matters handled in one month. There’s no lawyer better than him. He will always be my go-to lawyer if anything should happen in the future. Thank you, Justin, for the all help you gave me. You changed my life when you got my license and my freedom back.

-Brandon W.  Torrington, Connecticut

Title IX and Conduct Code Violations Testimonials

I’d done a lot of research on how schools handle their discipline process under Title IX because the charges against me were very serious, and I did a lot of research on who to hire before selecting Duffy Law. Felice and Christine and their entire team were super capable and attentive. People usually have to chase their lawyers for information, but they reached out to me when they needed anything to keep the case going in the right direction. They didn’t let anything slip by. Their intense focus to detail was incredible. Everyone at the firm was also very personable and it was obvious that they genuinely believed in me. My future was a stake and they got that. I chose a firm that helped me clear my name, get vindication, and achieve what I needed to achieve to protect my future.

Male College Junior, New York

Attorney Duffy’s psychology background makes her great at relating to people. I was the captain of my team and thought there was no way I was going to be let back into school, much less play again. With Felice’s help I was found not responsible and my suspension was reversed and I didn’t miss any playing. She told me what points to raise, when to raise them, and helped me build my confidence back up. I had a lot of anxiety but she helped me keep perspective during the whole thing. She’s been through a lot in her own life and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel, because she really gets what people are going through — especially something traumatic. Her office is extremely organized. Felice and her staff got documents and emails back to me and to all the officials at the school at exactly the right times. Her preparation in reading every page of every policy let her address the exact issues and circumstance we faced at every step of the process. I will always be grateful to Felice and Duffy Law.

Female College Sophomore, Connecticut

I would recommend Christine Brown and Duffy Law to anyone in trouble with their school for many reasons. First, they are very easy to talk to and helped me understand what seems to be a pretty crazy process. Attorney Brown was very comforting. She scheduled many zoom meetings to go over all the many details she needed to figure out to best represent me. She always made sure I was comfortable with what I had to tell the various school officials. Being found not responsible was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Going with Christine and Duffy Law was one of the best decisions my family and I ever made.

Male College Junior, Florida

We were referred by a friend and very well-respected lawyer to criminal defense attorneys Paul Thomas and Felice Duffy  based on Attorney Duffy ‘s extensive experience in working with Colleges and Universities.

Our son ran into several issues at his university including drug charges that jeopardized his ability to stay on campus and could easily have led to his being expelled.

The entire team at Duffy  Law did a fantastic job in explaining what we needed to do, who we needed to speak with, what we should say (and not say), what information we needed gather, what actions we needed to take and how to go about the entire process.

Their strategy was perfect.  Their communication with my son and our family (and the school) was always prompt and clear.  They were extremely well prepared to deal with the school officials who controlled our son’s fate and provided the best defense possible.

The end result allowed our son to return to school and live on campus – which thankfully exceeded our highest expectations.

On a scale of 1-10-  we’d personally give Duffy  Law an 11!  Thank you Felice and Paul!”

Parents of College Freshman, Connecticut

I am writing to let any college student who gets accused of something serious by their school know that they need a lawyer like Felice Duffy to defend them.  I was accused of something terrible by a student that I would never do and didn’t do.  Even though I knew exactly what actually happened, I was very scared that my university might not find me innocent.

It was terrifying to think that I might lose my full basketball scholarship or could have been suspended or expelled and that me and my family’s name could have gotten a horrible reputation.

I can’t even put into words how I excited I was when I got the letter from the school that cleared me completely of the charges against me and I have Felice to thank for that 100%.

Since I’m not in Connecticut, Felice and her investigator used video conferencing to interview me and my witnesses, talk with my parents, and get me fully prepared for every meeting I had with my school.  They got all my texts and email that proved my innocence and organized them perfectly for the Dean and the discipline committee.

Felice was always very direct and respectful even though the subject matter was very personal, and she was always ahead of the school in terms of getting me and them important information at every step.  It was like having the best scouting report ever.

Felice obviously knows her stuff but she also deeply cares.  You can tell that she loves the work she’s doing to help college kids in really difficult situations.”

Male College Sophomore, Colorado

I hired Felice Duffy in the middle of a Title IX sexual assault proceeding. While I had initially retained another attorney on a recommendation, it turns out they did not have much insight to the inner workings of university policy, which I learned is NOT required to follow the basic laws of due process.

Felice was absolutely incredible, and as an athlete, she understood my thought process and feelings the entire way. This is what stood out the most to me. At the beginning of my school’s adjudication process, I was an absolute mess. Not only is Felice extremely knowledgeable in law and how school adjudication processes work, but she also really does care about her clients and their well-being.

It was initially extremely tough for me to speak about what I was facing. Felice was able to assist me not only in compiling the proper evidence and responding to the school, but also put me in the right state of mind to defend myself and move on with my life after it was all completed.

Prior to hiring Duffy Law, I was concerned that I would be relegated to working with a legal assistant or secretary being that my case was in a college setting as opposed to a state court. However, Felice always found a way to make time and was there every step of the way.

I feel like an important part of hiring an attorney is being able to trust them to fight for you no matter what the scenario may be and you can rest assured you will be getting that with Duffy Law. I would recommend Felice Duffy of Duffy Law 10 times out of 10 to anyone that may be put in a tough situation like I was.

Female College Freshman, Massachusetts

I selected the firm after doing extensive research trying to locate an attorney that specializes in sexual assault cases on university campuses. Late one night I emailed her for a consult just to see what she had to say.  By  6:30am  the next morning she had already emailed me back leaving her information for me to call her.  I was impressed by her promptness and early morning response.  Our criminal attorney informed our family that this simply wasn’t his specialty and strongly recommended we hire someone who really understood how university disciplinary systems work.

In our culture, we are not often trusting and it took a huge step of faith to consider someone we didn’t know (much less one from out of state) to defend our son.

Based on her collegiate athletic background I felt that she would have a better understanding of our case as our son is a D1 athlete. Based on that and her professional accomplishments I felt like she was driven and determined and she clearly had the ability to understand the laws associated with Title IX.

Bottom line is that our son was found 100% not responsible (meaning not guilty) of the extremely serious charges that were brought against him by a female student.

Felice Duffy and her team were professional, focused, responsive and did a great job throughout the entire stressful ordeal.  When we think about how badly and unfairly our son might have been treated by the school, we truly count our blessings that we found Ms. Duffy.

Parent of a College Sophomore, Ohio

My experience with Attorney Felice Duffy was extremely positive & professional. Attorney Duffy’s background, a combination of both legal and extensive college athletics experience, made her uniquely capable of advising me each step of the way through the process. Attorney Duffy was readily available whenever there was a new development to answer any questions and provide advice, often going out of her way to assist.

You cannot imagine how important this is until you are thrust unexpectedly in a volatile and stressful situation and you need good advice in a hurry. This advice lead to positive resolution of the matter that I sought counsel on. Duffy Law gets the strongest possible recommendation from to anyone in need of legal representation, especially to someone involved in college athletics.

Head Coach, Men’s College Soccer Team, New Jersey

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