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Title IX Lawyers For Faculty, Staff, and Professors

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National Title IX Attorneys Defending Faculty and Staff Facing Allegations

Faculty and staff members at colleges and universities across the country can face allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and other violations of Title IX. When faculty or staff members at an institution of higher education are accused of violating Title IX, that faculty or staff member can experience irreparable damage to their reputation on campus and within the academic community if they are not able to successfully defend against the allegations.

To be clear, not only can a faculty member’s reputation and livelihood at a particular institution be affected by sexual harassment or misconduct allegations, but those allegations can also have far-reaching consequences in academia more broadly. After spending years working toward a faculty position in a college or university, you could have your reputation destroyed by a discrimination complaint. Our experienced national Title IX lawyers can assist you with your defense.

How Title IX Applies to Faculty and Staff

Many people think about Title IX as a federal law that protects students from other students who may engage in alleged acts of sexual misconduct. To be sure, many of the national news stories surrounding Title IX violations and investigations have concerned fraternities and sororities, and Title IX complaints made by and against other students. Yet faculty and staff members can also face allegations in a Title IX complaint. Here is the specific text of Title IX:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

The U.S. Department of Education recently clarified that colleges and universities must investigate Title IX complaints made against faculty and staff members when students or other parties affiliated with the institution allege that their Title IX rights have been violated.

Common Types of Title IX Allegations Against Faculty and Staff at Colleges and Universities

While Title IX complaints can include a wide variety of allegations, the following are common types of Title IX allegations made against faculty and staff at colleges and universities:

If you are facing any type of sexual misconduct or gender discrimination allegations, it is critical to seek advice from a national Title IX attorney about developing a defense and protecting your reputation in the academic world.

Faculty and Staff Members Who Can Face Title IX Violation Allegations

Faculty and staff members must comply with Title IX on college campuses, and they are bound by the Title IX policies of the college or university. It is important to understand that Title IX applies to nearly all faculty and staff members at a college or university, including but not limited to the following people:

  • Professors, including tenured and tenure-track professors as well as part-time and adjunct professors
  • Athletics coaches
  • Graduate students who teach courses
  • Teaching assistants
  • Deans
  • Administrative employees and officials
  • Resident assistants

To be clear, Title IX proceedings can be initiated against any faculty or staff member—in effect, any employee—at a college or university, and the institution is required to investigate once a complaint has been made.

Defending Against Title IX and Policy Manual Violations

When faculty or staff members face Title IX allegations, they can also face disciplinary measures based on violations of a faculty policy manual or staff policy manual. Often, Title IX allegations and policy violations are brought against a faculty or staff member concurrently, although policy violations may also arise during the Title IX complaint or investigation process. The experienced national Title IX lawyers at Duffy Law, LLC have experience representing faculty and staff members accused of violating Title IX in addition to helping those accused of Title IX violations to defend against policy violations.

Depending upon the specific policies of the institution, it may be necessary to develop a defense strategy for a Title IX complaint and for a policy manual violation at the same time.

Defense Strategies for Different Types of Employees at Colleges and Universities

Depending upon the employment status of the faculty or staff member who has been accused of violating Title IX, the defense process may be different. For example, untenured professors or coaches may be at greater risk of termination from their jobs based on the outcome of a Title IX investigation in comparison with a long-time tenured faculty member. It will be essential to look at the specific policies of the university or college where the Title IX complaint was filed and to determine the best defense strategy based on the accused’s status at the institution.

To be clear, whether or not you are a tenured faculty member, it is essential to have an experienced national Title IX defense lawyer on your side to help you beat these charges. However, it is nonetheless important to keep in mind that it may be easier for a college or university to terminate an adjunct professor or part-time employee than a tenured faculty member after a Title IX investigation has been completed. Our firm can assist you throughout the process.

We can also speak with you about employment law implications and your options for seeking redress, or retaliation issues at your college or university.

Contact a National Title IX Defense Lawyer Today for Assistance

Faculty and staff at institutions of higher education can face harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual misconduct allegations from students inside and outside their classes, and it is critical to have a Title IX defense attorney with experience handling similar cases on your side. At Duffy Law, LLC, our national Title IX attorneys have experience handling Title IX cases arising out of colleges and universities across the country. Regarded as highly skilled by their fellow attorneys, the lawyers at Duffy Law, LLC will rigorously identify your options and defend your rights if you are facing Title IX accusations. Contact Duffy Law, LLC to learn more about the services we provide and about our firm’s experience handling national Title IX defenses.

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