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If you’re involved in a Title IX action at your school, whether as a respondent or a complainant, or if you’ve been accused of a serious conduct code violation, you need a highly-experienced attorney on your side to immediately begin protecting your rights.

Our student rights lawyers zealously use every resource and explore every option to secure your rights, protect your safety, and defend your reputation. We fight with tenacity, commitment, creativity and a deep understanding of Title IX law and the university disciplinary process on behalf of every single one of our clients.

From pre-charge investigations on campus to appeals of unfair findings, our attorneys are fully comfortable navigating the fast-changing and extremely complex dynamics of higher education and guiding each client according to their specific circumstances.

Title IX sexual misconduct, assault, or harassment – We guard the rights of students and employees at educational institutions who have suffered as a result of the unlawful actions of others and/or improper institutional procedures.

College conduct code violations defense – We defend college students accused of violating their school’s various conduct codes by carefully analyzing each charge, finding exculpatory evidence or mitigating circumstances, and making sure the school’s disciplinary proceedings are fair and legal.

Gender Equity – We aggressively support individual students, faculty, staff, coaches, and athletic teams who have suffered illegal gender bias and discrimination whether on the job or on the field.

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