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Category Archives: College Code Violations

College Policies & Greek Life During COVID-19

Greek life on college campuses will be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, college and university policies concerning COVID-19 safety measures are likely to be implemented, and the implementation of those policies will affect the ways in which Greek systems operate. For many fraternities and sororities (and the students within them), the ability for...

Hazy Hazing Rules

You have likely heard about recent hazing incidents that have gotten out of hand at colleges and universities across the United States, causing injury or even the death of fraternity or sorority pledges, college athletes, or members of other school or social organizations. For example, the parents of a Northern Illinois University fraternity pledge filed...

Fighting the Impact of Academic Sanctions

Your academic transcripts can make a significant impact on your future. Prospective graduate schools, professional licensing boards, and other organizations not only take into your GPA but also any marks on your transcript that may indicate academic misconduct. If students choose to withdraw from a class or cannot complete the coursework during the semester due...
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