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Can a College or High School Cut or Reduce Funding for its Women’s Sports Teams under Title IX?

Prior to the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, only about 30,000 women participated in collegiate athletics, and women only received two percent of the athletic funds of colleges and universities. Today, nearly 200,000 women play college sports and during the 2009-2010 academic year, women’s teams received 40 percent of athletic …

Michigan State University Expedited Title IX Review in Light of Sexual Assault Scandal

The president of Michigan State University recently announced that the school will undergo an outside review of its Title IX policies and procedures this fall instead of waiting until 2018 as originally planned. The announcement comes after the school has received attention for how it handled (or ignored) student complaints of sexual assault by MSU …

University of Chicago Adds Lacrosse as Varsity Sport in the Wake of Title IX Complaint

This past January, the athletic department of the University of Chicago announced that women’s lacrosse would be advancing from a club sport to a varsity sport. This development is important for the women on the team, as they will now have access to trainers, coaches, and facilities that they did not previously have. In addition, …
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