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Defending Against Jailhouse “Snitches”

Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense Attorneys CT

If jailhouse informants come forward in your case, or the case of one of your relatives, don’t think that a conviction will be inevitable. Call (203) 946-2000 for representation by a law firm that fully understands how to challenge jailhouse snitch testimony and call into question the snitch’s reliability to the jury. Jailhouse Talk Can Turn Into Testimony People in jail spend a lot of time together. Whether they’re awaiting the resolution of a case or ...

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More Colleges and Universities Are Using an “Informal Process” In Handling Sexual Assault Allegations: The Pros and Cons

Title IX : News
Title IX Sexual Assault Attorney CT

In past years, college students wishing to report sexual assault had two primary options: go to the police or file a formal complaint with the applicable department of their school’s administration. Upon filing a complaint, students would then have to go through an in-depth investigation process and often a formal hearing to resolve the matter. The outcome of such proceedings can have ongoing repercussions for both parties - both positive and negative. With the new guidance ...

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Title IX Sexual Assault Investigations are Growing in U.S. High Schools and Middle Schools

Title IX : News
Title IX Sexual Assault Attorneys CT

When you think of Title IX protections against sexual assault and harassment, you may think of the many headlines you’ve seen regarding sexual misconduct on college and university campuses across the U.S. in recent years. However, Title IX also protects younger students at federally-funded schools, including high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools. Sexual misconduct can occur at lower-level schools just as it can on college campuses and the number of investigations regarding younger victims ...

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How to Avoid or Defend Criminal False Statement Charges

Federal Crimes
Federal Crimes Defense Attorneys CT

Many federal criminal cases - especially those involving complex white collar crimes - begin with lengthy investigations by federal agents trying to gather a mountain of evidence before charges even issue. Although you may be tempted to tell investigators whatever necessary to deflect suspicion and avoid association with the crime, making false statements to agents of the federal government can result in additional criminal charges against you. Even if you are not the person under investigation ...

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Track Title IX Campus Investigations With This Database at The Chronicle of Higher Education

Title IX : News
Title IX Violation Attorneys in CT

With different news sources regularly reporting different stories of sexual misconduct and Title IX violations at schools across the nation, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. It can especially be challenging to know whether a particularly school is under investigation or has been investigated for potentially mishandling sexual violence complaints. This is important information for students, prospective students, employees, and others interested in a particular institution. The Chronicle of Higher Education makes ...

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