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Guilford College Athletics Title IX Lawsuit

Today I filed a federal complaint in North Carolina on behalf of 14 former and current female student-athletes at Guilford College and two coaches from Guilford. The complaint alleges a Title 9 violation in that Guilford systematically discriminates against female athletes and coaches of female teams. Even though Title 9 has been around a long time, more than 40 years, schools across the country consistently violate Title 9 by discriminating against female athletes.

Even though Guilford College provides the same number of sports teams for its men and women, the complaint alleges that Guilford College provides 20% more athletic participation opportunities to its male athletes, which is a violation of Title 9 because more than 50% of the school’s undergraduate enrollment is female. The complaint also alleges that Guilford provides inequitable benefit and treatments to its female athletes, including equipment and supplies, locker rooms and facilities, recruiting, promotions and marketing, access to coaches, and game day experience.

The students are filing a class action and seeking an injunction to prevent Guilford College from discriminating against female athletes and current prospective and future female athletes and coaches of female teams at Guilford.

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How Can We Help?