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College Coaches lawyers in ConnecticutWorking as an athletic coach at a respected college or university can present a rewarding and lucrative opportunity. Remember, however, that student-athletes and coaches are always under close scrutiny by their institutions, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the media, and sometimes, even state and federal law enforcement authorities. In some situations, you can face pressure or allegations of misconduct even when you have done nothing wrong.

Any issues with the law or the NCAA can lead to many problems that can affect your professional future and your personal reputation. As a high-level athletic coach, you should never hesitate to seek legal guidance and representation should a conflict arise. This is especially the case if you face disciplinary action, termination, or criminal charges. Duffy Law is here to help college coaches in any of these situations, so please contact us today to discuss how we might assist you.

NCAA Violations

The NCAA has strict rules regarding almost every aspect of collegiate sports, from recruiting practices to athlete incentives to criminal misconduct by students and coaches. The NCAA also holds coaches accountable for the actions of assistant coaches and administrators who report to them, so you need to know what is happening on every level at the athletic department and create an environment of NCAA compliance.

If the NCAA believes that a coach or assistant coach violated any NCAA regulations, the association can impose suspensions, terminations, or other sanctions on the coach and/or school. Legal representation can protect you from wrongful allegations, minimize the penalties you face, and help preserve your job and reputation.

Our attorneys can work to show you did not commit violations or were not aware of any violations within your program. You do not simply have to accept penalties or disciplinary action from the NCAA or your employer. With the right assistance, you can fight against allegations and hopefully continue your collegiate coaching career.

Criminal Defense Representation

The NCAA is not the only organization concerned with the conduct of collegiate coaches. Like anyone else, federal or state law enforcement authorities can investigate suspected criminal behavior of coaches. In recent years and months, many college coaches have made headlines for allegations of criminal conduct, which may include:

If you are a college coach facing any type of federal criminal accusations, you need aggressive defense representation right away to fight the serious penalties you might face, including prison time and fines. Our law firm represents clients under investigation or who are already defendants in state or federal criminal cases. There are ways to minimize the impact of criminal charges, but you shouldn’t wait to seek the right defense help.

Title IX Issues

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 applies to college athletics and coaches in many ways, including equal athletic opportunities for students, protection from sex discrimination and retaliation, and more. Coaches can run into different types of Title IX issues, including:

Students and coaches have filed many Title IX complaints in recent years regarding the noncompliance of athletic departments, so gain advice and counsel from an experienced Title IX attorney if you face charges. Mishandled Title IX issues can lead to suspension or termination from your coaching duties, so you want the right lawyer on your side to prevent such consequences whenever possible.

How We Can Help

Duffy Law is in a unique position to provide legal assistance to college coaches facing controversy or criminal allegations. As a college student, attorney Felice Duffy participated in a successful Title IX action to form the first women’s soccer program at UConn, then served as the head coach of the Yale Division I women’s soccer team. This experience gives us firsthand and personal insight into the world of collegiate athletics and coaching.

In addition, the legal team at Duffy Law has years of experience working with both the federal prosecutors and federal defender’s offices, as well as in state criminal courts. If you face any type of federal criminal allegations, our team can help defend against those charges. Overall, our firm is prepared to help collegiate coaches with a wide range of legal issues, whether they involve your school, the NCAA, or state or federal authorities.

Contact Our Experienced College Coaching Attorney Today

College coaches are often in the news for a variety of scandals, many of which involve misconduct according to federal law, the NCAA, or Title IX. At Duffy Law, we regularly work with colleges, coaches, students, and criminal defendants. We know the effects that allegations or violations can have on your career, future, and family, and we work to protect your rights and reputation. If you’ve encountered any legal problems in your coaching role, please contact our office by calling (203) 946-2000 or contacting us online as soon as possible.

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