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Federal Title IX Lawsuit Against Guilford College

UPDATE — May 3, 2019

By order of United States District Judge William L. Osteen, Jr., 14 current and former student athletes settled, by public consent decree, a federal Title IX class action complaint against the North Carolina school. Filed in 2017, the suit alleged that Guilford College systematically discriminated against female athletes and coaches of female athletes.  

Under the consent decree, Guilford agreed to add varsity sports teams; allocate additional monies to certain women’s sports; develop policies to ensure equitable funding and treatment for both male and female athletes and varsity teams, and create an Equity in Athletics Committee (“EAC”) to oversee and assist the school in achieving gender equity.  The consent decree is unusual in that Guilford College and the plaintiffs have agreed to work together to reach gender equity at the school. Two of the plaintiffs will participate as members of the EAC for the next five years and will assist the Guilford in hosting a conference for women athletes to promote gender equity in athletics.

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The lawsuit alleged that while more than 50% of the undergraduate student body is female, Guilford provides male athletes about 20% more opportunity to participate in its athletic programming. The suit further alleged that Guilford provides  superior benefits and treatment to its male athletes with respect to the provision of equipment and supplies; scheduling of games and practice time; travel and per diem allowance; opportunity to receive coaching and academic tutoring; assignment and compensation of coaches and tutors; provision of locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities; provision of medical and training services; provision of housing and dining facilities and services; and publicity.

Click Here To Read and Download the Original Complaint

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