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I count myself very fortunate to have grown up in a family full of strong civil rights advocates. In word and deed, these role models introduced me at an early age to the ideas and the history of social change and what it takes to truly advance the cause of equal opportunity and treatment regardless of one’s background or circumstance.

Looking back, I think I was destined to go to law school. And sure enough, my experiences with Quinnipiac’s Civil Justice Clinic and as an intern at New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA) crystalized my passion for representing clients who are up against large, powerful entities whether public agencies or private institutions. Everyone, no matter what they are accused of, has the right to “due process” in which fairness and accountability are rigorously guarded.

Also traceable to my childhood, I have a few personal qualities that I bring to bear every day on every case for every one of my clients: my love for analytical detail and my highly competitive nature.

There’s little that satisfies me more than finding the one little detail amidst a pile of transcripts and documents that supports my client’s position. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find a discrepancy between, for example, two different versions of a school’s handbook – or between two versions of testimony given by the other side – that can change the course of a conduct code or Title IX investigation. Indeed, my colleagues and I at Duffy Law know that meticulous research and preparation are what often win the day.

And as a student athlete (soccer and track in high school, and rugby in college), I thrived in the high-pressure team environment. I learned about staying laser-focused, keeping cool under stress, and building trust and accountability with teammates.

Unfortunately, when someone is accused of a conduct code violation such as plagiarism or a Title IX violation such as sexual assault– or when they make a claim against a school for not protecting their rights — the immediate impact is highly disruptive and stress-provoking. And the long-term impacts can be life- and career-altering.

That’s why I became an attorney: to make a real difference for people in these situations, and that’s why I’m here at Duffy Law.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

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Brittany Ignace, ESQ


  • Duffy Law, LLC, Associate Attorney
  • Internship, Bridgeport State Attorney’s Office
  • Sappern Fellowship, New Haven Superior Court
  • Student, Quinnipiac’s Civil Justice Clinic
  • Year-long externship at New Haven Legal Assistance Association


  • State of Connecticut


  • Connecticut Bar Association


  • Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Excellence in Clinical Legal Education
  • Law School Service Award