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Defending individuals accused of sex crimes in Connecticut

Few crimes carry as significant a social stigma as those related to your sexual conduct. In many cases, convictions for these kinds of offenses carry mandatory prison sentences as well as a requirement that you register with the state as a sex offender. Furthermore, the kinds of evidence that may be uncovered and presented in open court may be extraordinarily personal and embarrassing and could potentially do irreparable harm to your reputation. For this reason, it is critical that experienced legal counsel be retained as soon as possible if you have been accused of a sex crime.

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Qualified to represent individuals accused of Connecticut sex crimes

The attorneys at Duffy Law are available to defend people accused of any number of Connecticut sex crimes, including the following:

  • Sex crimes related to domestic violenceSex crimes related to domestic violence involve members of the same family or people who are in an intimate relationship. In many cases, these crimes are related to spouses or sexual partners allegedly being forced to participate in sexual conduct to which they have not consented. They can also involve sexual assault between family members or between adults who are in a caregiver relationship with children.
  • Rape, statutory rape, and sexual assaultRape and sexual assault are crimes of violence in which a person is subject to sexual conduct or penetration against his or her will. Statutory rape, on the other hand, criminalizes consensual sex between an adult over the age of 18 and a person who is 16 or younger. All three offenses carry significant legal penalties and should be aggressively defended against.
  • Child pornography and child molestation Sexual crimes involving children such as the possession or distribution of child pornography or child molestation are among the most aggressively prosecuted and socially condemned offenses in our legal system. In many cases, a person convicted of a sex crime in which a child was victimized will never be able to live a normal life again. For this reason, anyone accused of these types of offenses should retain an experienced lawyer immediately.

It is important to understand that one of the potential consequences associated with a sex crime offense is registration as a sex offender. This means that you will likely need to notify the state of where you live and that your name, picture, and information about your offense will be easily accessible to the general public. Lawmakers in Connecticut have recently begun examining the sex offender registry policies and requirements to consider whether fewer individuals should be required to register and whether fewer residential restrictions should be placed on registered offenders. Though such changes would be positive, in the meantime, it is important to do everything possible to avoid a sex crimes conviction to avoid registration requirements.

Discuss your case with a Connecticut sex crimes defense lawyer today

If you are accused of a sex crime, you need to retain legal counsel as soon as possible, as a conviction can have devastating consequences. If you are adjudicated guilty, you may be sentenced to a significant prison term and may be required to register as a sex offender, potentially for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there are often many potential legal defenses that a skilled attorney may be able to raise to defend against the allegations you face.

Our attorneys have extensive experience as former prosecutors, public defenders, and criminal defense investigators, and now they devote their practice to vigorously defending the rights of people accused of criminal offenses.  We take a rigorous 360 degree approach to defending the rights of individuals facing Connecticut criminal charges.To schedule a consultation, call Duffy Law, LLC in New Haven today at 203-946-2000 .

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