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Connecticut Probation and Parole Violations Defense Attorney

Providing quality assistance to individuals on probation and parole in Connecticut

Probation and parole are both forms of conditional freedom that may be suddenly taken away under certain circumstances. Whether you have been placed on probation in lieu of jail time or have been released from prison on parole, you run the risk of serious penalties if you are accused of violating the conditions of your supervision. The conditions of probation or parole will vary from case to case, as will the potential penalties for violations.

Unlike criminal charges for stand-alone offenses, if you are accused of violating probation or parole, you do not have the right to request a jury trial and the prosecutor does not have to prove your violation beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if you are never convicted of a new charge, the judge overseeing your probation or parole can decide that a violation occurred based on a much lower legal standard and can impose various penalties. You do have a right to a hearing, during which it is imperative that you are represented by a proficient criminal defense attorney who understands these types of cases.

Criminal defense lawyer Felice Duffy understands the risks involved in a probation or parole violation case and knows how to effectively defend against these allegations. Do not hesitate to call today for a consultation at 203-946-2000.

Common violations and potential penalties

While there are some standard conditions for probation and parole, there may also be a number of special conditions for your individual supervision based on your underlying conviction and other relevant factors. Though many violations are possible, there are a number of violations that are common for individuals on parole or probation, including:

  • Failing to report to meetings with your supervising probation or parole officer
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol
  • Getting arrested or accused of violating any local, state, or federal law, including traffic laws
  • Traveling outside of the state without permission
  • Possessing firearms or weapons
  • Affiliating with other known offenders
  • Failing to finish school or hold a steady job
  • Violating a set curfew

In many circumstances, the most serious violation is likely picking up a new criminal case, and this type of violation will often result in the most serious penalties.

Simply because you violated your probation or parole does not necessarily mean you will automatically return to jail. Felice Duffy is an experienced criminal defense attorney who can negotiate with the court and present arguments why you should not serve the full unsuspended length of your initial prison sentence. Judges have other options and can often be convinced to simply enact stricter conditions, a longer probation or parole period, or issue a sentence for a shorter period of time.

Do not delay in contacting a Connecticut probation and parole violations defense lawyer today

Felice Duffy is a former federal prosecutor who understands all aspects of the criminal justice system, including cases involving probation or parole violations. She provides tenacious representation to obtain the most favorable result possible in your case, so please call Duffy Law, LLC today at 203-946-2000 to discuss your case.

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