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Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys — Other Crimes

Defending against a variety of federal criminal charges

Federal criminal law is extensive and outlines a large number of offenses that can be prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office. The attorneys at Duffy Law understand the nature and severity of each of these federal offenses, know the elements required to prosecute these charges, and know how to present an effective defense for you if you are facing charges.

If you’re facing any type of federal charge or involved in any type of investigation, call Duffy Law, LLC at 203-946-2000 for a consultation today.

Examples of federal offenses

The following are some brief explanations of federal crimes that can carry serious and extensive penalties for you if you are convicted:

  • Environmental offenses – Many individuals and company owners believe that violations of environmental laws will only result in civil penalties. However, many such violations are also unlawful under federal criminal laws. Prosecutions often result from the unlawful disposal, storage, or transportation of hazardous materials that violate laws such as the Clean Water Act; Clean Air Act; Refuse Act; Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; and the Resource Conservation Recovery Act.
  • Armed bank robberies – Robbery of a financial institution with a firearm or another dangerous weapon is a violation of both the federal Bank Robbery Act (18 U.S.C. § 2113) and the Hobbs Act (18 U.S.C. § 1951). Armed bank robbery cases often involve supplemental charges, as well, especially if someone was injured during the commission of the robbery or attempted robbery. These can result in very serious consequences. For example, moving someone by force, even if only a few feet, during a bank robbery carries a ten-year mandatory minimum prison term. Fortunately, there are many ways to defend against wrongful allegations against you of federal bank robbery.
  • Kidnapping – Federal charges can result if the alleged kidnapping involves transporting the victim across state lines, if the victim is an internationally protected individual or a federal employee, if the kidnapping occurs on an aircraft or water vessel, or if a parent wrongfully transports a child under 16 internationally. In addition, the Mann Act specifically prohibits interstate or foreign transportation of any person for the purpose of illegal sexual acts such as prostitution.
  • False statements to federal authorities – This charge can be applied if a prosecutor believes you made any false statements or denials to federal law enforcement officers. This crime can occur even if you are not under oath in a courtroom and it often occurs during federal questioning or investigation by agents and applies to everyone, including witnesses whether or not you were involved in the underlying conduct.
  • Child pornography – If you are suspected of producing, possessing, or distributing any type of child pornography, you may be facing serious charges and the possibility of a long prison sentence. You need an attorney on your side who is not afraid to defend your rights in this type of uncomfortable case.
  • Counterfeiting – While counterfeiting is most often associated with the unlawful production of fake U.S. currency, the offense can apply to many other situations as well, including postage stamps, government securities documents, immigration documents, credit cards, a variety of goods, computer software, and more. In addition, intentionally and impermissibly using someone else’s trademark can be prosecuted under counterfeiting laws.
  • Human trafficking – Human trafficking is often compared to sex-slavery by prosecutors and the media, so the penalties are particularly harsh for those facing charges. You may face human trafficking charges even if you only planned the act, attempted the act, or played a small role in a larger trafficking conspiracy. In all circumstances, an aggressive defense is imperative.

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Every federal crime has different elements and the possible legal defenses will depend upon the circumstances of your case. Our attorneys have extensive experience as former federal prosecutors, former federal defenders, and former criminal defense investigators, and now they devote their practice to vigorously defending the rights of people accused of criminal offenses. We take a rigorous 360-degree approach to defending the rights of individuals facing Connecticut criminal charges. To schedule a consultation, call Duffy Law, LLC in New Haven today at 203-946-2000.

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