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While the media tends to focus on high-profile violent crimes, federal prosecutors take white collar crimes just as seriously, especially crimes against the government. Health care fraud is one of the most prevalent of these crimes and costs federal agencies an estimated $80 billion on an annual basis. Because of the extreme cost of health care fraud, prosecutors will aggressively pursue charges against you if they suspect you engaged in this type of fraudulent activity, and Congress has set out severe penalties if you are convicted.

Health care fraud schemes may be extensive and can involve many different players. Too often, it’s easy to get caught up in a health care situation that involves criminal conduct of which you were not aware or where you were acting at the instruction of others. Others may implicate you or blame you to keep out of trouble themselves. No matter what your situation may be, it is vital to have representation by a passionate criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights during the criminal process.

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What constitutes health care fraud?

Any act intended to obtain financial gain by deceiving or defrauding a health care program run by the federal government can be considered health care fraud. Most health care fraud cases involve either Medicaid or Medicare, the two largest United States health programs that aim to assist low-income or elderly individuals receive quality health care at low cost. Health care providers are the parties most commonly targeted in health care fraud cases, though schemes can include individuals and even health insurance companies.

Types of fraud that commonly occur against these programs include as follows:

Regardless of the role you allegedly played in a health card fraud scheme or the type of fraudulent acts that took place, the penalties can be severe and you need a federal criminal defense attorney handling your case who understands how to defend against this type of charge. These cases can involve many different laws, including the False Claims Act, the Stark Law, and the federal Anti-Kickback law. Penalties for violating these laws can include extensive fines, restitution to the government, exclusion from future federal program participation, loss of a medical license, and even imprisonment.

An experienced Connecticut federal health care fraud defense attorney can assist you

Our attorneys have extensive experience as former federal prosecutors, former federal defenders, and former criminal defense investigators, and now they devote their practice to vigorously defending the rights of people accused of criminal offenses. We take a rigorous 360-degree approach to defending the rights of individuals facing Connecticut criminal charges. To schedule a consultation, call Duffy Law, LLC in New Haven today at 203-946-2000.

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