Duffy Law Scholarship

Duffy Law, LLC, periodically offers scholarships to matriculated undergraduate and graduate students through its Essay Contest.  Our next contest will launch in June 2021.


We would like to congratulate Elena Cuadros for winning the 2018 scholarship! Elena is a History Major entering her second year at a west coast public university. She is planning to become a history teacher after being inspired by her former teachers. She hopes to make a difference by teaching the next generation of students about the past. You can read Elena’s winning essay here!

Elena Cuadros

We would like to congratulate Katelyn Doolittle for winning the 2017 scholarship! Katelyn will be in her second year of Vet school at Midwestern university in the fall of 2017, and will be using the scholarship funds to help fund her wildlife medicine course in Belize this winter. You can read Katelyn’s winning essay here!

Katelyn Doolittle

We would like to congratulate Samantha Church for winning the 2016 scholarship! Congratulations, Samantha! You can read Samantha’s essay here.  Samantha will be a Junior in the Fall and is attending a 4-year university in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Samantha Church

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