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Donna DeCrescenzo
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My Passion for People and the Law

I’ve always rooted for the underdog, for people who run into really tough problems in life, and I’ve always admired the people who stick up for them.   I find myself thinking about our clients’ lives separate from the situation that brought them to Duffy Law.  I think about their families, their children, parents or siblings.  What can I do to support our them and their families?   And how can I best support our attorneys who are working on their behalf?  

My role here is to provide administrative support to the team.  I help our clients and their families navigate their situation by being the first friendly voice they hear when calling Duffy Law, by being a calm presence that assists them with administrative tasks such as reminding them of hearing dates or helping them organize their documents for the attorneys to review.  

“You never understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” explains Atticus Finch to his young daughter after she had a difficult day at school.  Simple words, powerful words, that give me perspective and guide me every single day.

Duffy Law is a team that is guided by the strength, tenacity, collaboration and experience of Felice, Paul and Justin and is nurtured by the kindness and compassion that is practiced by the entire team.  I am proud to be part of this team.

I am proud to be part of my home team as well.  I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a fiancée, and a (soon to be) step-mother.  My family inspires me and drives me to be the best me possible.  They also give me perspective.  They are my foundation, my rock and I hope I give to them as much as they do me.  

My Passion for Organ Donation

I am also proud to say that I recently became an organ donor.  You can find my story (here – ). To me, organ donation is the true practice of humanity. I will always cherish the memory I have of the glow of energy that surrounded my recipient and the smile on his face and when I saw him for the first time after surgery.  To donate an organ is to give life to a person that has genuinely forgotten what it feels like to simply “be healthy.”  If you’re interested in donating an organ and have questions, it would be my honor to speak with you.  

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