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One Strategy for Getting a Pardon

After you’ve been convicted of a crime in Connecticut, you will be eligible eventually to apply for a pardon. For a misdemeanor, it’s three years after the conviction, and for a felony, it’s five years. Now, of course, remaining crime-free and having steady employment are important factors that the Board of Pardon and Paroles will consider any time you make an application for a pardon. But just as important, is building a track record to set yourself apart from other people. What can you do to show your good character? Begin thinking about volunteering for a charitable or civic organization, volunteering at an animal shelter, maybe mentoring youth at a local Boys and Girls Club. Something along those lines.

You really want to show that you understand the gravity of your crime and that you’re really trying to pay back your debt to society, and if you do those things, that will help set you apart and make any application for a pardon much more likely to be successful.  

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