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Connecticut law imposes strict penalties on you if you are convicted of drug offenses. If you have been accused of these kinds of crimes, you are likely scared and confused and are unsure of how to proceed. Without legal counsel, the criminal justice system may be bewildering and prosecutors may be telling you that your best course of action is simply to plead guilty and move on with your life. This is very seldom the case and, in many instances, there are many ways in which an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. Sometimes, an attorney may even be able to have the allegations against you completely dropped or dismissed. The best way to make sure that your legal rights are fully protected is to get an experienced lawyer immediately.

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Connecticut drug crimes

There are various forms of conduct related to illegal drugs that are in violation of Connecticut laws. Some of the more common are discussed below.

It is critical for anyone accused of a drug offense to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. In many cases, an attorney can help prevent you from saying or doing things during the investigative process that may indicate your guilt or help get evidence suppressed that could get your case dismissed. As a result, people accused of drug crimes should contact an attorney immediately.

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A drug-related conviction can have an extremely negative impact on your life. As court proceedings are part of the public record, the existence of your case and its disposition will be easily accessible to anyone with the motivation to find it. In addition, you may be subject to significant legal penalties imposed by the court, including extensive jail time. Consequently, people who are accused of drug offenses in Connecticut should retain legal counsel immediately. Attorney Felice Duffy is a former federal prosecutor and Attorney Paul Thomas is a former federal defender and together, they now devote their practice to defending the legal rights of people accused of criminal offenses. To schedule a free consultation, call Duffy Law, LLC in New Haven today at 203-946-2000.


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