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College Student Drug Offenses Defense Attorney

Defending students accused of drug offenses in violation of the college code of conduct

When you attend a college or university, you are subject to the rules and regulations in the college code of conduct. Though rules may differ from school to school, almost every code has strict rules regarding illegal drugs, which can include steroids, prescription drugs, narcotics, and more. Rules often address the use, possession, distribution, and manufacture of drugs and set out strict penalties if you are found to be in violation. If you are facing accusations of drug offenses, you have a significant amount on the line, including your future educational and employment opportunities.

If your college or university is investigating you for a drug-related offense, your first call should be to college student defense attorney Felice Duffy at the office of Duffy Law, LLC at 203-946-2000.

Possible penalties for drug-related violations

If your school decides that you committed a drug-related violation of the code of conduct, the administration may implement the following penalties:

In addition to these immediate-term consequences, having a drug violation on your college record can affect your ability to get accepted into future educational programs or to obtain federal loans.

Even if the alleged drug offense occurred off-campus, law enforcement may report the incident to your college or university, which can then initiate its own investigation and case against you. Conversely—and often more concerning—a collegiate case involving drugs may trigger criminal charges issued by the state. Often college administrators work with local law enforcement to provide evidence of drug offenses, which can aid in prosecution. Prosecutors can also issue subpoenas to obtain information from any school investigation or disciplinary hearing. A criminal conviction can mean fines, probation, jail time, and having a conviction on your criminal record. Such a conviction can substantially harm your ability to secure employment or even to travel in the future.

How can a defense attorney help?

In drug-related college investigations and accusations, you are not without certain legal rights. A skilled attorney familiar with the collegiate disciplinary system can identify your options and can present evidence to defend against your allegations. Not only can a successful defense result in the consequences you face being reduced or the accusations against you being dropped, but may also prevent your school administration from reporting the suspected drug possession, distribution, or manufacture to local law enforcement officers.

Discuss your case immediately with an experienced college drug offenses defense lawyer

College student defense attorney Felice Duffy has extensive experience as both a Division I head coach and as a federal prosecutor who handled numerous drug cases. For these reasons, she fully understands the collegiate disciplinary system as well as the principles of an effective defense against allegations. Too often, you may believe you are helpless in the face of accusations by your college or university administration. With the assistance of a skilled defense attorney, however, you will learn there are many ways to assert your rights and defend against serious drug charges. To learn more, call Duffy Law at 203-946-2000 for a free confidential consultation.

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