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Hazy Hazing Rules

College Code Violations
College Code Defense Attorneys CT

You have likely heard about recent hazing incidents that have gotten out of hand at colleges and universities across the United States, causing injury or even the death of fraternity or sorority pledges, college athletes, or members of other school or social organizations. For example, the parents of a Northern Illinois University fraternity pledge filed a wrongful death lawsuit when their son died due to forced drinking during a hazing event. The Illinois Supreme Court recently ...

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Myth: DNA Evidence Is Infallible

Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense Attorneys in CT

We’ve all seen episodes of crime shows that feature investigators finding a hair at a murder scene and solving the crime with a DNA match. However, real life is far from a television script, and the truth is that DNA evidence does not always positively identify a suspect. Members of juries who are not familiar with the criminal justice process may believe that they know how crimes are solved from watching TV and movies. Therefore, juries ...

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Cell Tower Location Data in Criminal Cases

Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense Attorneys in CT

The ubiquity of cell phones has completely changed many aspects of the world—including criminal investigations. Law enforcement officers and investigators often closely examine the contents of a cell phone of a criminal suspect or defendant. Cell phones can reveal call and text history, social media messages, emails, photos and videos of recent activities, and more. Police and prosecutors also regularly claim that reviewing cell phone tower data can indicate where you were at a certain time ...

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Fighting the Impact of Academic Sanctions

College Code Violations
College Code Violations Defense Attorneys in CT

Your academic transcripts can make a significant impact on your future. Prospective graduate schools, professional licensing boards, and other organizations not only take into your GPA but also any marks on your transcript that may indicate academic misconduct. If students choose to withdraw from a class or cannot complete the coursework during the semester due to unforeseen circumstances, a W or incomplete may appear on their academic records. While they may hear questions about not finishing ...

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Federal Immigration-related Crimes on the Rise

Federal Crimes
Federal Crime Defense Attorneys CT

When you think of federal crimes, you may think of drug offenses, human trafficking, terrorism, and similar offenses. However, a lesser-known offense has almost single-handedly accounted for a 200 percent rise in federal convictions in the past 25 years - illegal reentry into the United States. Many people think that people who are unlawfully present in the U.S. are simply deported back to their home countries. However, many of these immigrants are prosecuted in federal court ...

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